Myrtle Beach Golf: The Intersection of Sports and Coastal Tourism

Myrtle Beach, often referred to as the ‘Seaside Golf Capital of the World’, is a treasure trove for golf enthusiasts. This town in South Carolina is a picturesque scene, where pristine golf greens kiss the pristine Carolina coastline. Offering nearly 100 meticulously designed golf courses and providing a breathtaking backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, Myrtle Beach is undoubtedly a dream destination for any golfer.

The Magnetic Pull of Myrtle Beach Golf

Did you know that Myrtle Beach is home to half of the state’s 100 highest-rated golf courses according to the South Carolina Golf Course Ratings Panel? It’s no wonder that golfers worldwide are pulled in like a golf ball to a skilled golfer’s swing. Robert White, the first president of the Professional Golfers’ Association, set this course back in the 1920s. He could see the potential of Myrtle Beach as a top-drawer golf destination. From his first creation – the Pine Lakes – dozens more beautifully manicured courses followed, spreading across the Grand Strand area.

Diversity of Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Part of the allure of Myrtle Beach as a premier golf destination is the extreme diversity it offers. Courses in this locale are designed by some of the world’s most acclaimed architects, like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Robert Trent Jones, Greg Norman, and Pete Dye, amongst others. Here, you can play around with the distinctive architecture of The Dunes Club or enjoy the natural beauty of Caledonia Golf & Fish Club.

Myrtle Beach offers courses for players of all abilities, elevating it from being just a sporting mecca to a golfer’s paradise. With different configurations of courses – links-style courses, traditional parkland courses, courses with dramatic elevation changes, and challenging courses that promise the possibility of a powerful payoff, Myrtle Beach caters to every golfer’s preference.

The Golf Tournaments of Myrtle Beach

As if the plethora of golf courses wasn’t enough, Myrtle Beach also hosts some notable tournaments that add to its golf magnetism. The annual Monday After The Masters celebrity golf tournament draws celebrities from sports, music, movies and more, and has become a golfing highlight, offering matchless energy on the golfing greens.

The Myrtle Beach World Amateur, held annually since 1984 and dubbed the world’s largest amateur golf tournament, is another golfing extravaganza. Players travel from around the globe to participate in this highly competitive tournament, showcasing the magnetic draw of Myrtle Beach’s golf scene.

More than just Golf

While golf is a prime attraction of Myrtle Beach, the region has much more to offer. A high-quality foodie scene, encompassing fresh seafood joints and international gourmet cuisines, as well as world-class entertainment, including Broadway-style theatres and comical variety shows, make it an incredible vacation destination. For nature lovers, the white sand beaches, surf spots and fishing piers, coupled with the chance of a relaxing kayak tour or an exciting dolphin watching adventure are hard to resist.

Interesting shopping opportunities, from high-end boutiques to sprawling shopping complexes, and a vibrant nightlife scene make Myrtle Beach an ultimate vacation spot. With numerous family-friendly attractions, from amusement parks to Ripley’s Aquarium, it truly caters to all.

Playing Golf and Saving Bucks in Myrtle Beach

A common misconception is that playing golf in Myrtle Beach is expensive. However, the destination offers plenty of budget-friendly golf options. Myrtle Beach Golf Passport and other similar services offer discounted tee times and deals, making golfing on premium courses more affordable.

To summarize, Myrtle Beach serves players an unforgettable golfing experience, combining panoramic views of the coast with impressively manicured golf courses. The region’s charisma, courses, seaside serenity, and family-friendly attractions make Myrtle Beach the real winner when it comes to golf getaways. So, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, find your way to Myrtle Beach, the heart of American golfing culture. Craft your own golfing tale at this idyllic intersection of sports and coastal tourism.

10 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach Golf: The Intersection of Sports and Coastal Tourism”

  1. Mark Twain once said, ‘Golf is a good walk spoiled.’ I bet he never played in Myrtle Beach! Fantastic article, by the way. Made me want to grab my clubs and head to the coast.

    1. MarkTwainFan, got a chuckle from your Twain quote. Quite certain he’d be eating those words with one look at the Myrtle Beach coastline. Happy Golfing!

  2. Now this is a love letter to golf! Well written piece that really captures why so many of us are drawn to Myrtle Beach. From the variety of courses to the overall vibes – it’s just unbeatable.

  3. Good read. Participated in the Myrtle Beach World Amateur once – an experience to remember. Great competition and camaraderie. And good to know about the budget options. Golf in Myrtle Beach – as good as it gets!

    1. I hear you, EagleEye. The World Am is a fantastic experience. Meeting golfers from all over the globe and getting to test your skills on the beautiful courses, priceless.

  4. Spot on with ‘Seaside Golf Capital of the World’. I’ve had the pleasure of teeing off at several of those 100 grand courses, and I gotta tell ya, the experience was nothing short of divine. The blend of golfing brilliance and coastal charm in Myrtle Beach is top-notch!

  5. Sweet write-up! The sheer variety of courses at Myrtle Beach is astounding. Anybody got personal recommendations on which ones to hit up in my next visit? Right now, The Dunes Club and Caledonia are on my bucket list.

    1. ParBuster, you’ll love both The Dunes and Caledonia, they’re a golfer’s dream. Also, you should consider the Robert Trent Jones-designed Waterway Hills, it’s a hidden gem.

  6. After reading this, I’m curious to know more about the budget-friendly options for golf at Myrtle Beach. Can we expect another blog post with more information about that? I’m definitely interested in grabbing a few discounted tee times! Also, just as a side note, the foodie scene in Myrtle Beach is no joke – make sure you have some seafood while you’re there!

  7. I visited Myrtle Beach last summer and I have to agree that it lives up to its reputation! The courses were both challenging and beautiful. The Dunes Club was definitely a standout for me with its unique architectural style. One thing I wish the blog mentioned is how helpful and friendly the staff at these courses are. They really add to the superb golfing experience. Can’t wait for my next trip!

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